Read an Excerpt from Ed Orgeron's Questionable Past

Bianchi and Kravitz have been debating whether or not Ed Orgeron's comeback to coaching prominence is a feel-good story or not all week long, here's the story in question from 20+ years ago... 

Read this excerpt from

But a dark side emerged while Orgeron worked in South Florida. He'd been in trouble before—a battery charge from a bar fight in Natchitoches in 1984—and he would find it again. In 1991, a Dade County woman was granted a restraining order against Orgeron after accusing him of repeated violence. (A permanent injunction was granted and then rescinded in 1992.) Then, in July 1992, Orgeron was arrested in Baton Rouge and charged with battery, failure to leave the premises and misrepresentation during booking. According to news accounts from the time, a drunk Orgeron head-butted the manager of a bar after Orgeron had been asked to leave. Years later, Orgeron would later tell the Orange County Register that he'd become angry after he wasn't allowed back in the bar to retrieve his credit card.

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