Limitless Daily Poll: Is McKenzie Milton a real NFL prospect?


Depending on who you talk to, McKenzie Milton is either a guy that could be the next Baker Mayfield or the next Doug Flutie. Milton obviously has talent, and in college, he's one of the absolute best at what he does. But, his 5'10 185lb frame isn't going to endear him to a lot of NFL scouts. What makes up for it is his moxy in the pocket, down the field accuracy, and a load of other metrics detailed below. 

Question is, when you look @ Milton what do you see? That is the genesis of our Thought-Provoking Daily Poll! 

PFF Insight:

  • In 2017 Milton recorded 37 big-time throws, five more than the next-highest returning quarterback (Drew Lock, 32)
  • He completed 51-of-91 deep pass attempts for 1,812 and 21 touchdowns, setting the PFF College record for most deep passing yards in a season.
  • Oh, he also fielded an adjusted completion percentage on deep passes of 59.3, the highest of all returning quarterbacks and second-highest in the nation to only Baker Mayfield, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. 
  • He also saw positive passer ratings when compared to the NCAA average on 7-of-13 routes, further showing that he can seemingly make all the throws.
  • Milton, despite seeing pressure on 138 of his total 437 dropbacks, had a passer rating of 89.2, or 31.5 points above the NCAA average, 
  • Milton was blitzed, he recorded a 127.4 passer rating, completing 67-of-108 passes for 982 yards and 13 touchdowns against one interception displaying a great understanding of his opponents, even against extra rushers.
  • Milton also rated as the most efficient passer in college football off of the play action fake in 2017. 

See what the guys @ have to say about Milton as an NFL prospect...

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