Limitless Daily Poll: Should Fitzpatrick keep his starting job?


FitzMagic turned back into the Ryan Fitzpatrick of old last night, at least in the first half. He threw 3 interceptions, one going to the house for the Steelers, and had a tough time completing easy passes. 

The 2nd half he was little more of what he'd been for the first two weeks, but it was too little too late, and the Bucs would go on to lose 30-27 to the Pittsburgh Steelers @ home, suffering the team's first loss of the season. 

Now, Jameis Winston returns to the building in Tampa Bay. He's the guy who they drafted 1st overall in 2015, he's the guy who's supposed to be "The Guy"...and Ryan Fitzpatrick left just enough doubt in everyone's mind last night, that makes this decision far from a foregone conclusion for Dirk Koetter and the Tampa Bay Bucs. 

Put your GM hat on, what should the Bucs do going forward? 

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Bucs/Steelers - youtube screenshot

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