Limitless Daily Poll: Which is the BEST week 1 storyline in the NFL?


Week 1 starts tonight with Eagles vs Falcons on Thursday Night Football and just like you, we are pumped! We are especially pumped because there are so many great storylines heading into the 2018/19 campaign for the NFL. Everything from the return of Deshaun Watson and Andrew Luck, to the new era of QB's like Jimmy G and Pat Mahomes, new offenses installed in places like Chicago, Tennessee, and New York (Giants), and of course - the demise (potentially) of New England. 

Those will all be great storylines to follow, and that doesn't even factor in what we have going on in the state, or the dreaded helmet and Anthem controversies. But, we want to specifically focus on week one stories for the purposes of today's Thought-Provoking Daily Poll...

  1. OBJ vs Jalen Ramsey: These two have talked trash all offseason...well, mostly Jalen (as seen on the photo to this article) it'll be interesting to see who wins that battle, and if either loses their cool. 
  2. Adam Schefter reported yesterday that Shaquem Griffin, UCF star, will get the start on Sunday for the Seahawks vs Broncos game. He'll be starting alongside his brother Shaquille, just like he did in high school and @ UCF. 
  3. Le'Veon Bell has chosen not to report to the Steelers and will not be playing in week 1 vs the Browns to "preserve his value". How the Steelers handle this situation all season will be interesting to follow. 
  4. National Anthem drama. You know it's going to happen, just learn to accept it now. 

- @BrandonKravitz 


OBJ vs Jalen - twitter screenshot
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