The Top 5 NFL Story Lines Heading Into The Season

With week 2 of the NFL Preseason about to get underway tonight, Mike Tuck explains what his Top 5 story lines are as the regular season is fast approaching. He talks about how the rule changes implemented in the off season will be something to pay attention to early on and how Jon Gruden has so many question marks that he can't be ignored.

New Rule Changes

eagles patriots super bowl 52 nfl

We saw in the first preseason game that players are struggling with the new helmet to helmet rule, is this a rule that will last?

Catch Rule Simplified?

Has the NFL finally figured out what a catch is? Will there still be question marks like the Jesse James situation we had last postseason? 

What Is Targeting?

NFL helmet to helmet McBride v Agholor

Targeting hasn't been figured out for the college game but has the NFL determined an accurate description for what it rule is?

How Will Jon Gruden Do?

He's been away for the sidelines for over a decade but can Chucky find success with his former team? Do you think he fulfills his 10 year deal he signed with the silver and black?

Will Another Quarterback Step Up?

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers

Can Tom Brady keep playing at a high level in his 40s or will a player like Russell Wilson finally prove that he has what it takes to be an elite quarterback or will players like Carson Went and Derek Carr set up?

Miss the segment, catch up below:

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