Do you believe Urban Meyer any more today than you did before?


Urban's statement on Friday basically says...He's not going down without a fight, or that if he's going down, he's bringing Ohio State's administration with him. 

As Brett McMurphy wrote in his latest Facebook post: Two days after Meyer was placed on paid administrative leave, he issued a statement on Aug. 3 and reversed course, indicating he lied to the media, had knowledge of the incident but did “elevate the (domestic violence) issues to the proper channels.”

Meyer also claims that he "failed" when he denied knowing about domestic violence allegations against one of his former assistant coaches, Zach Smith. 

Oddly enough, the man who he fired, Zach Smith, stands by Urban Meyer and even goes so far as to defend his former boss (as seen in the video below) -- further complicating the issue. 

Urban Meyer has sent so many mixed messages, it's hard to believe anything that comes out of his mouth, but, that's just one man's opinion. Read the content, watch the video, catch yourself up on this convoluted story and vote on our Thought-Provoking Daily Poll. 

- @BrandonKravitz


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