Daily Poll: Should the NFL investigate the Matt Patricia case?

Here's a short summary of what you need to know to make a well-informed decision: 

Courtesy of USA Today: 

Barring new information or Patricia’s accuser coming forward, it’s impossible to discuss the merits of the case, which fell apart 10 months after the alleged incident (1996) when the accuser decided not to testify. Though a Texas grand jury deemed the evidence strong enough to move forward with the case, we don’t know what that means. Other details, including from the police report, have been lost over two decades.

For some reason or another this has been brought to light in 2018, I guess that's the price of fame, people go digging. The question here is, should the NFL be part of that "digging" process? Some will say it's old news, what more can be gathered? Others will say, the NFL doesn't have a great history in the domestic/sexual assault investigation realm. And of course, there are those that will say this is the NFL's problem now, and they must protect the shield at all costs...

What say you? 


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