Vote on Open Mike's 2-Part Frank Vogel Poll

Frank Vogel

There's really no way to sugar coat this, Vogel's job security is anything but secure with one game left in the season. If the Magic win, they'll have 25 wins on the season, if they lose - 24. Either result will likely lead to the same outcome, since Frank Vogel was brought in as a high-priced, successful NBA head coach, who was supposed to do better than this. No one thought this team was going to win a title this year, but even Vegas (depending on what book you looked at) had the Magic winning games into the mid and upper 30's. Injuries or no injuries, this team didn't see the growth befitting of a coach who's paid top 10 coaching $$. 

Of course, when mentioning Frank Vogel's job security with the Magic it's obligatory to mention, Jeff Weltman and John Hammond didn't hire this guy. They are not tied to his success as an NBA coach. Cutting ties should be relatively easy for them from a business sense. 

So, what'll it be Magic fans? We have the question framed 2 ways for you: Will Frank be fired and SHOULD Frank be fired? 


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