Daily Poll: How can the PGA Tour stop obnoxious drunk fans?

drunk golf fans - getty

Drunken sports fans are ruining everybody else's fun, stop me if you've heard this one before. 

Rory McIlroy (and others) are growing rather impatient with the obnoxious drunk golf fan, who seems to be populating golf courses more than ever before. The annoyance ranges from guys who can't stand up straight, to the guy who yells "GET IN THE HOLE" 18 too many times, to just simply being too loud in a place that is meant to be peaceful and serene...sort of like the library. 

But, what can the PGA Tour really do? When fans are getting drunk at your event that usually means two things: 1. They're having fun at your event, which is a plus. 2. They're spending a lot of money, which is also a plus. The Tour sure doesn't want to halt the progress of either one of those things..so again, what do they do? 


And a Happy Tuesday to you. 

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