Daily Poll: Who is on your UCF Mount Rushmore?

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So many great football players have come and gone from UCF. Probably more than most schools at UCF's level. UCF has generated some of the best NFL talent we see on Sundays, from Brandon Marshall to Asante Samuel, to Latavius Murray, to Josh Sitton, AJ Bouye, Blake Bortles, Shaquill Griffin...The list goes on and on. 

UCF has also had those that dominated in college, meant the world to the program, but couldn't duplicate that success in the NFL, Kevin Smith and Breshad Perriman come to mind. Point being, there are many ways to judge greatness when you look at the history of the UCF Football. But, as we (sports fans) like to do, we've now reached the point where there have been enough stars to roll through the program, that we can create a legitimate dialogue as to who deserves to be on the UCF Football "Mount Rushmore" 

The Mount Rushmore is simply the 4-greatest UCF Football players, judging them on their impact to the program while playing, and what they did beyond that. Or really, it's however you want to judge it..I mean, it is your list. 

We came to the conclusion that Bortles and Culpepper would be on most everyone's Rushmore. Coming up with three and four will be the real challenge. So, our daily poll today is an attempt to at least lock in a consensus # 3. 


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