Daily Poll: What is your level of interest in Orlando City this season?

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Out with the old and in with the new. You may not recognize this year's Orlando City team...and maybe that's a good thing. 

Orlando City Soccer excitement in this town has been supremely high over the first 3 seasons. The newness, the fan interaction, and the new stadium have all added to the fever pitch (no pun intended) around the team since joining MLS. But, and this is a big but, they haven't been winning. In fact, last year we heard grumblings in the media (okay, maybe that was me) and with fans that they were ready to sack Jason Kreis. 

Well, the reason I bring all of this up is this, the newness is wearing off, the novelty act of Orlando City isn't going to be what bring people to the games, it isn't going to sell merch, or creates excitement. This year it's about winning. Kreis knows that, Orlando City knows that, and that's why they turned over half their roster. The intrigue now lies in this - What does a Jason Kreis built team look like? And, is Orlando City now built to compete for real in MLS? Do these questions create a higher interest level for you, or is it just business as usual heading into soccer season? 


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