Daily Poll: Does the college basketball scandal bother you?

The Sean Miller & NCAA Scandals Are Two Separate Things

Do you even care about the cheating scandal in college basketball? I get the feeling that you don't. I get the feeling that there are 2 types of sports fans watching this story as it plays out right now. 

1. College basketball fans who are burying their heads in the sand because they don't want to face the reality of a corrupt sport. 

2. Fans who know exactly what's going on, accept that this is the way of the world, and just want to fill out their NCAA bracket in peace. 

Maybe it's just me. Maybe you do care. That brings us to our poll question du jour. 

Maybe you care about the slimy coaches who are handing out hundreds of thousands of dollars to runners and players families to ensure they get "their guy", or maybe you care about the athlete who is taking up a scholarship spot at a major American University even though that individual is getting paid under the table, and they really don't care about the college experience. Orrr, maybe it bothers you that all of this is going on, has been going on for years, and the NCAA hasn't done a damn thing about it. In fact, it took an FBI investigation just to uncover the massive amount of dirt in the sport of college basketball. 

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it does bother you. 


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