Daily Poll: What's the best case scenario for NASCAR?

Poll voters...start your engines! 

We want to know what YOU think NASCAR needs this weekend more than anything else. Surely a good/solid race would be a nice start, maybe a pile up where no one gets seriously hurt, and of course - not too many cautions. But, every year there's an ideal candidate to win the race, one that would push NASCAR into the forefront of the mind of sports fans everywhere. Who needs to be in the winners circle this weekend for that to happen? Who needs to be the winner of the Great American Race so that we can see the sport of NASCAR dominate the following week's headlines? 

Quick case for each option before you vote...

  • Jimmie Johnson- Because it would be his 3rd Daytona 500 win, and every sports fan loves a dynasty. 
  • Danica Patrick- Because she has more pop culture appeal than anyone driving on Sunday. 
  • Bubba Wallace- Because this half white/half black superstar would shine a spotlight on diversity in the sport, which it so desperately needs. 
  • One of the young guns- Whether that be Chase Elliot, Ryan Blaney, or Austin Dillon. These guys are likely the future of the sport. And for that expectation to come to fruition, one of those guys is going to need to start winning races like this. 


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