Fournette vs Cook Side-By-Side Stat Comparison

Most likely, you're looking at the top 2 running backs to get drafted on Thursday's 1st round of the NFL Draft. It's a loaded running back class, which tells you all you need to know about how good these two are at what they do. 

Some pundits prefer Fournette, in fact I'd say most do. While some, like myself, prefer Dalvin Cook. I will not however let that get in the way of the stats that I am presenting to you. Facts are facts and here they are: 

Leonard Fournette played 3 years at LSU

2014 he rushed for 1,034 yards on 187 attempts, totaling 10 TD's on the ground. He caught the ball only 7 times for 127 yards. Best game: 146 yards and a score vs Texas A&M in week 12. 

2015 he rushed for 1,953 on 300 attempts, caught 19 passes, and scored a total of  23 touchdowns. He also had a 3 game stretch where he rushed for over 200 yards and multiple scores in each game. 

2016 he missed a quarter of the season but still managed to rush for 843 (6.5 yards per carry), grabbed 15 catches for 146, and scored 8 times. In week 8 vs Ole Miss he totaled over 300 yards rushing and receiving and scored 3 TD's. 

Dalvin Cook played 3 years at FSU

2014 he rushed for just over 1,000 yards on 170 carries, and caught 22 catches for 204 yards (9.3 per catch). Cook had 8 rushing touchdowns and zero receiving that year. 

2015 he took over the starting role with 229 carries-1,691 (7.4 per rush) and 20 total touchdowns. He was also able to bring in 24 catches for 244 yards.

2016 he was the entire offense...Dalvin carried the ball 288 times and caught the ball 33 times. Rush total- 1,765. Receiving total- 488 (14.8 yards per catch). That means he touched the ball two more times than Fournette in Fournette's most productive season (2015). 321 to 319. 

Cook's production speaks for itself, where some could look at that with an eye brow raise; he bullied teams like USF, Syracuse, and NC State. Fournette did what he did in the vaunted SEC. 

Either way, both should be dynamic/impactful pros, and you, will be watching to see where they end up on Thursday. 

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