Vegas is Creepy Good @ Predicting NBA Over/Unders

Vegas is sneaky good at predicting things like this, and any compulsive gambler reading this blog post knows this well and good. These are the predicted over/under totals (and the current win total with one game left) for notable NBA teams...and the Magic. Note: These totals were released in late September of 2016. 

Cavs- Preseason projection = 56.5...Current win total 51. 

Warriors- Preseason projection = 66.5...Current win total 66. 

Spurs- Preseason projection = 56.5...Current win total 61. 

Rockets- Preseason projection = 41.5...Current win total 54. 

Celtics- Preseason projection = 51.5...Current win total 52. 

Heat- Preseason projection = 36.5...Current win total 40. 

Magic- Preseason projection = 36.5...Current win total 28. 

76ers- Preseason projection = 27.5...Current win total 28. 

Thunder- Preseason projection = 45.5...Current win total 46. 

What have we learned here children? 3 things...

1. Don't bet against Vegas, they're weirdly accurate. 

2. Erik Spoelstra and Mike D'Antoni are locks for 1 and 2 in the coach of the year discussion. 

3. The Magic are horrible, disappointing, and disappointingly horrible. 

Want any more over/unders or just want to cry on my shoulder about our beloved Magic. Tweet me @BrandonKravitz. 

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