Is Tony Romo a Hall of Famer?

Tony Romo has had a career plagued by injuries, Jason Garrett learning on the job, and Jerry Jones as a GM. 

Yes, the Cowboys are in good shape now. They seemingly have their RB and QB of the future, the best O-line in football, and Jason Garrett has figured things out as a head coach. But these facts have not always been the case. If you look over the years, starting when Romo took over as starting QB in the mid-2000's, the cowboys were a team that made the headlines for bad decision after bad decision. Yet, Romo still ends his career with a higher winning percentage than HOF'er and Cowboy legend, Troy Aikman. 

His detractors always want to bring up his playoff failures and his non-impressive 2-4 post season record. But conveniently disregard the fact that he's (statistically) the best 4th quarter QB in NFL HISTORY! They ignore the fact that his career passer rating only ranks below Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, 2 slam dunk hall of famers. 

Now look, I'm not saying he's a hall of famer, but he should be in the Cowboys ring of honor, potentially have his #9 jersey retired, and should be remembered as an all time great in his own right. 

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