Did Ja Morant Really Disrespect Michael Jordan Like That?

Elite players in professional sports do need to have supreme confidence to be the best versions of themselves and that sometimes leads to high level statements like Ja Morant recently made when speaking to Taylor Rooks.

"I would've cooked him too." This comment was made by Ja Morant when referring to if he played against MJ in that era.

It's hard to be upset with a player for believing in himself but to me this felt disrespectful because Michael Jordan is as spectacular as it gets. Physicality was a much bigger part of the game in MJ's era and some of the younger players of today don't seem to respect that. Jordan could have been the GOAT in any era. I've been a huge believer in Ja Morant and I do think he's special, but taking shots at MJ is weird.

Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel and Host of Open Mike joined us for a "Weekend Roundup" where we discussed this as well as Paolo Banchero's early success, Anthony Richardson's nickname, Orlando City's win on an own-goal, and more in the podcast clip below.

Golden State Warriors v Memphis Grizzlies - Game Five

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