It was Blowout Weekend in the NFL...

If there was ONE thing solidified this weekend throughout the first round of the NFL playoffs it's that... They are who we thought they were!

Every team that has established itself as a juggernaut in the NFL over the course of the past two years, showed up big and strong this weekend. And all the teams that we were maybe rooting for, to see if they could "turn the corner" and "make a name for themselves" in 2022, were exactly what we expected.

Think about it. Although some of us claimed it was "possible" the Eagles could upset the Bucs, these are the DEFENDING WORLD CHAMPIONS led by Thomas Edward Patrick Brady. So yea that was over quick. Bucs 31 - Eagles 15

The Bills put to rest all that "but Bill Belichick" and "Mac Jones doesn't make mistakes" and "The Patriots defense". Josh Allen and the mafia scored every single time and never saw a fourth down. Bills 47 - Patriots 17

Oh and the Chiefs heard all of y'all talking about "There are always upsets in wildcard weekend". They were not playing that. It took them just a little longer than everyone else to get running, but when they did.. my goodness. They were just toying with the Steelers. Don't believe me? They threw a TD pass to a offensive lineman and let Travis Kelce throw a TD pass late in the game. Toying! Chiefs 42 - Steelers 12

The "unproven" teams in the playoffs, played just like that, unproven. Bengals and Raiders went down the wire. Cowboys and 49ers went down to the last second. All that's left is for the Cardinals and Rams to give us an epic classic. If this weekend plays like it has been, Monday night's game will either be a nail biter, or another blowout!

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