Ummmm Is it Still Tua Time?

The Dolphins have had a roller coaster of a season. And although it's not over quite yet. But yesterday the PHins fell out of playoff contention and suddenly have a LOT of questions to answer. Especially at quarterback.

But why? The team is finishing a 7 game winning streak.


But that was right after a 7 game losing streak.

And fans are starting to verbalize that they don't think Tua is the future of the organization. In a time where it's obvious the Dolphins are almost "there" and they need to make a couple tweaks and changes. But where?

At one point in the season people were calling for the head of Brian Flores and demanding a new head coach. Now it seems focus has been shifted to the quarterback position and it's not likely to let up in the offseason. Can the team make a run for one of the possible free agents QBS about to hit the market. Do they go all in on a trade for Aaron Rodgers, Russell Westbrook, or someone else?

There is nothing worse than a fan base that realizes they are one or two pieces away from the team they've always wanted. This is where the Dolphins find themselves. And this is what will determine what the franchise becomes going forward.

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