Jags Fans: What Did You Really Expect?

The internet is full of angry fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise. And honestly, there is no reason they should be. We all knew what this season was going to be. Or at least we thought we all did. Just take a look back at some of the preseason predictions for the Jags.

Yahoo Sports gave the Jags a preseason power rank of #30 out of #32 teams. That's right #30!

They pointed out the Urban was a brand new coach. Trevor was a brand new QB. And there wasn't a lot to build on from last season. Their analysis said, MAYBE 4 or 5 wins for the season.

Athlon Sports did a Jags preview as well. Their prediction? "Meyer knows little about losing, but he will experience his share this season." Athlon considered six wins a major accomplishment for the season.

This was a team at the start of a rebuild. The Jags had a new QB, and new head coach... they even had new uniforms. Everything was new and unproven. So this idea that so many Jags fans had that this team would be in the playoffs or anything other than at the bottom of the NFL is a bit of a reach.

And if you're a Jags fan you shouldn't be feeling down. Your team is growing and most importantly, your quarterback is getting key in-game action to develop as an NFL talent. The Jags won 1 game in 2020. 6 games the year before that. And 5 games the year before that. Let's keep our perspective grounded. Yes, many of you thought there was going to be a quick turnaround to greatness. That wasn't realistic.

But if you're ready to see a great team in the next 2-3 years. You're right on track.

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