Stefan's CFP REAL Rankings (Top10)

#1 - Georgia

These boys are the undisputed #1 team in the country. Every challenge that has been thrown their way, and they've had a few, they have conquered. And done so convincingly. Granted I don't think as much of their competition as everyone else does. But each team they faced has something to prove when they came up against Georgia. Clemson, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Florida, all played the Bulldogs looking to PROVE they deserved their ranking, and Georgia laid waste to them all.

#2 - Michigan State

Many won't agree with me here but, its only because if they're honest, they haven't watched Michigan State this year. I have. And they are the REAL DEAL. And they've been tested over and over again. Drubbing my Miami Hurricanes... overcoming a slugfest against Nebraska when the Cornhuskers needed the win to legitimize themselves... destroying the teams they are supposed to destroy... and then beating the Wolverines in what was one of the best games of the year in all of college football so far. These kids don't give up and until someone beats them, I think they are the biggest contest to the kings in Georgia.

#3 - Oklahoma

The Sooners get this spot by default. Their schedule hasn't been as impressive as those above, with wins against Kansas, West Virginia, and Texas their worthy of acknowledgement. But Oklahoma is undefeated and proving to the SEC why they "drafted" the join the conference. If Oklahoma was to go up against ANYONE in the SEC today except Georgia, you'd have to give them the nod to win the game. Add an undefeated record to the mix, and they are third in the country in my book.

#4 - Cincinnati

Before you lose your undies, remember... THIS TEAM IS UNDEFEATED. In fact they are undefeated two years straight, and 27-3 the last three years. They have earned their right to lose in the playoff. And I'm here for it. Most people don't understand how difficult it really is to not lose a single game for two years straight. Their conference isn't the most competitive, but they are blowing teams away in their conference, winning by at least 14pts in every game this season. They also have beaten teams by up to 49pts. They also destroyed Notre Dame's 26-game home win streak. They get a lot of cool points for that one.

#5 - Alabama

The Crimson Tide are here because y'all would've yelled at me if they weren't. Okay, that's not why I put them here. They are number five because I don't think they deserve to be above Cincy, and I don't think they are genuinely better than the top three teams. So they are on the outside looking in. Bet the Bulldogs and you can work your way back in Bama.

Penn State v Ohio State

Photo: Getty Images

#6 - Oregon

But Ohio State is better than Oregon, why do you have the Ducks ranked higher? Ummm... because they already beat Ohio State this year. Let's use some logic here people. I don't care how good we think the Buckeyes are, Oregon beat them. By a full touchdown. At Ohio State. And they've only loss one game since. Thus Oregon is ranked number six, and you're weird if you think differently.

#7 - Ohio State

A loss to Oregon and a close one against then ranked #20 Penn State has dropped THE Ohio State to number seven. Plus their schedule is lame. When they weren't getting beat by Oregon and pushed to the limit by Penn State, who did they beat? Akron, Tulsa, and Rutgers. Not very exciting stuff. Sorry Buckeyes. You should be glad I didn't drop you lower.

#8 - Michigan

That heartbreaking loss to Michigan State is what causes us to find the Wolverines here at number eight. Losing to the Spartans means I can't justify the idea that they are considerably better than any of the teams ranked above them. They will get their chance though. With games remaining against Penn State and Ohio State, Big Blue will get a chance to prove they should move up.

#9 - Notre Dame

A sole loss to the AP ranked number two team in the country means you're still pretty darn good. THe Irish find themselves looking up a pretty big hill if they want to be in the playoff conversation. But hey, trouncing the ACC should at least earn them a good New Year's Day bowl game. Beware though. If there is some turmoil up top, as we've seen all year, Notre Dame could be the first beneficiaries.

#10 - Wake Forest

I had to include them right? Leaving Wake Forest out would be like not giving a toy to that one kid, when all the other kids got their pick. Listen they deserve some pub. They are undefeated, and even though the are playing in the worst conference in the country right now, they are still winning every week. That counts. Plus they're winning by a LOT with close games to only Louisville and Syracuse. Any team putting up 70 on their inferior competition and undefeated at least should be in the convo.

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