Are the Bucs More Vulnerable Than We Thought?

The Bucs took a tough loss on Sunday to the New Orleans Saints and people have started to question if the Bucs are more vulnerable than we thought. We recognize the Bucs are offensive juggernauts. But defensively, they are starting to look more like a liability.

For Brady to have 375 yards passing AND 4 touchdowns and LOSE the game is stunning!

But this leaves us to ask the question... Are the Bucs more vulnerable than we thought they were?

The easy answer is, no.

Sometimes the game just gets away from you, and this was one of those days for the Bucs.

Think about it. Brady throws a last minute pick six that shuts the game down for good. We all KNOW that's out of the ordinary. Untimely sacks, wild interceptions, and a ton of defensive mistakes and it was just not the day for the Bucs. It was evident around the middle of the 3rd quarter that it was just not the day for the Bucs.

The team heads into a BYE week off this loss and should be ready to strike hard with the Giants, Colts, and Falcons coming up. Buckle up Bucs fans. Headed into the second half of the season, and things are going to get interesting.

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