Stefan's NFL MVP Top 8

#8 Trevon Diggs-

Kravitz gave us this stat a week or so ago. If QBs were to spike the ball every play, they would have a better QBR than if they threw the ball to Trevon Diggs. That's WILD!!! In six games, Diggs has 7 INTs for 142 yards and 2 TDs. Add 23 tackles and I think he at least deserves to be mentioned, even if it's impossible for him to ever win the award.

Detroit Lions v Los Angeles Rams

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#7 Matt Stafford-

Stafford is doing EVERYTHING right! And there isn't much more you can ask for. It's obvious to most of us that the problem really was that he was in Detroit. He's come out and masterfully led the Rams into 6-1 record and if it wasn't for Kyler Murray being AMAZING, he would be atop the hardest division in football. He's got to pull a couple rabbits out of his hat in order for us to give him the award. But Stafford totally deserves to be on the list.

Buffalo Bills v Tennessee Titans

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#6 Josh Allen-

Wins against the Dolphins, Football Team, Texans and Chiefs ARE NOT impressive to me. Which is why I don't have Josh Allen ranked higher. After a loss to the Titans, the Bills have games coming up against Dolphins, Jags, Jets, Colts, Saints and Patriots. NOT A SINGLE TEAM WITH A WINNING RECORD CURRENTLY?? How People have crowned him MVP is crazy to me. But that's the world we live in. People jump on the nearest hot take bandwagon and hold on for a week till it falls apart. Then they find the next one and repeat till the end of the season. Listen his stats sound pretty good, but their not astounding. He's pretty much on par with the competition on this list. He's got a 64% completion rate with 15 TDs and 3 INTs. But if you're going to be the MOST valuable player in the NFL, you've got to rack up wins against better competition. Yes, you can only play the games they schedule for you, but sometimes that's what keeps you from being invited to the dance.

Dallas Cowboys v New England Patriots

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#5 Dak Prescott-

Dak kind of falls into the Josh Allen category for me. He's playing near perfect ball, but his resume of W's is lackluster. Everyone wanted to crown him MVP after beating the Patriots. Like the patriots are some league juggernaut- THE PATRIOTS ARE 3-4 . THREE AND FOUR- An early win over the Chargers is the one bright spot on Dak's record. But BOYYYY when you watch him play, it's almost as if he's perpetually in the zone. So far for the season he's completed 73% of his passes, he's near 2000 yards with 16 TDs and only 4 INTs. A couple of which were totally NOT his fault. Put some respect on this man's name!

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens

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#4 Lamar Jackson-

Even though the Ravens took an EMBARRASSING loss to the Bengals last week, Jackson is still in the top 5 for MVP. And it's for one simple reason. The Ravens started the season 0-1 with 13 players on IR. They currently have 16 players in injured reserve and have only lost ONE MORE GAME. And it's all been done on the back of Lamar Jackson. Every time I hear any play by play guy talk about how difficult it is for teamX to handle injuries, I think about what Lamar has done without 3 running backs, 2 offensive linemen, two wide receivers, and may other random week to week minor injuries here and there. Recognize my man's game.

Kansas City Chiefs v Tennessee Titans

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#3 Derrick Henry-

Henry added a passing TD to his resume last week. It's almost as if he knew this would be necessary to get truly considered for the MVP conversation. And guess what, for me.. it did it. Not that I ever took him out of the conversation. Listen in terms of value, the Titans would not be nearly as competitive as they are, if teams did not have to account for and figure out how to tackle Derrick Henry. On top of that he's got 10 rushing TDs, one passing TD, and at least 100 yard rushing in 5 of the last six games.

Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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#2 Tom Brady-

We mentioned this yesterday, Brady has been so dominant, that we have stopped paying attention. Only problem is, the Bucs kind of fall into the same category as the Bills. The Bucs demolished the Bears Sunday, and coming up next they have... the Saints, Football Team, Giants, Colts, and Falcons, before they face the Bills on DECEMBER 12th!!! That's right, we don't have any reason to care about the Bucs until 2 weeks before Christmas. That's how dominant Brady has been, and that's why he is solidly at the number 2 spot here. (sidenote: HOW IN THE HELL did Brady luck out and move from the worst division in the AFC, to dropping into possibly the worst division in the NFC right now.   Saints, Falcon, and Panthers? Really? The moment he leaves the AFC East, those teams become competitive and now his new division the NFC South is atrocious. Crazy!)

Houston Texans v Arizona Cardinals

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#1 Kyler Murray-

It's time we acknowledge the tribal chief in the NFL. Kyler Murray is performing as well or better than ANYONE in the league. He's outperforming what ANY of us thought he would so this year. And he has led his team to undisputed control of what we all considered the toughest division in football this year. AND... he's undefeated. Period. What more do we really need to say? Not only that he's undefeated mostly because of his play.

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