Is The Tomahawk Chop Offensive?

The Atlanta Braves appearance in the World Series means "The Tomahawk Chop" will be front and center for the nation to see, which obviously means there will be tweets and talking points regarding its potentially offensive nature to Native Americans. Braves fans have taken part in that tradition for years but considering the Washington Redskins and now Cleveland Indians were pressured, forced to abandon their figure it's just a matter of time before the Braves will be forced to outlaw the tomahawk chop.

However, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred spoke before Game One of the World Series and made it sound like the Braves have been in touch with the community and are doing all the right things to allow the fanbase to continue the tradition. In the podcast below, Bianchi and I talk about the tomahawk and whether these things are tradition or appropriation. "Lord Commander Charles" also calls in to give us a history lesson.

Wild Card Game - St Louis Cardinals v Atlanta Braves

Photo: Getty Images

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