Kravitz's STONE-COLD LOCKS of the Week

Picks went 4-2 last week.

This week, SEVEN locks, possibly the most ever. Feast on the financial offerings.

1.UCF (-7) tonight @ Louisville- Friday night, under the lights, is a key upset spot in the world of CFB. UCF has done it to other, and other have done it to UCF. But…not this week. UCF’s offense has been rolling pretty much ever since they were down by 21 to Boise. Louisville showed in their week 1 game against Ole Miss, they’re not so good at defending against up-tempo…and Louisville has had some struggles on offense as well. The Cardinals beat Eastern Kentucky by 27, racking up 441 yards of offense in week 2 – which on face value sounds impressive…but when you look deeper…Eastern Kentucky a week prior had allowed Western Carolina to rack up 501 yards…and Western Carolina got beat 76-0 by OU. So…UCF -7 is feeling pretty good. Lock it up!

2.Bama (-14.5) @ Florida- I genuinely hope for Gator fans that I am wrong about this one…ah, who am I kidding, no I don’t. The only thing I love more than seeing our in-state teams show up and show out is being right. And I plan to be. Vegas is handing out free money with this one. So, the last time these 2 teams played it was a 6-point game. SEC Championship. But that score can be a little misleading…it was a 2 to 3 score game most of the day and then the Gators closed the gap at the end when Bama had basically already secured the W. Also, the 3 main characters who helped the gators ONLY lose by 6, are all in the NFL. The Gators defensive secondary ranks as among one of the worst in CFB, their QB ranks as one of the most inaccurate, and unless Dan Mullen is Houdini…the Anthony Richardson – rabbit out of the hat trick, isn’t going to make much of an impact. Take Bama, swallow the points. LOCK!

3.Dolphins (+3.5) hosting the Bills- Oh he’s a homer, oh he loves the Dolphins. Well, you are right. But you know what else I like- green! And the Dolphins +3 cashed last week, it’ll cash again. Let’s ride the hot hand. The betting public, over confident on Buffalo. 72% of the bets coming in on Bills -3. But this offense looked out of sorts and that was at home. Now they need to travel down to the sweltering heat of south florida, going up against a defense with a 23 game takeaway streak. EVEN IF the Dolphins lose this game, which they very well could, 3.5 is too much. Take the efficient Phins +3.5 Lock it up.

4.Saints (-3.5) @ Carolina- There are so many reason NOT to take New Orleans. They’re living out of a hotel, a lot on their minds with their home in shambles, they have coaches missing in action/players missing in action due to COVID, and they over-performed last week, and their on the road for the 2nd straight week. But. I think they might just be this good. New Orleans has an elite defensive line, elite corners, and the Panthers struggled to beat the Jets last week. Give me New Orleans -3.5. Lock it up.

5.Titans (+6.5) @ Seattle- This is another counter action play. Everyone and their mother is going to be on Seattle here. But every once in a while in week 2, you have to throw out what you saw week 1. Seattle looked great. The Titans looked awful. But, if I told you going into the season SEAHAWKS minus nearly a touchdown, you would’ve said I was crazy. I’m going to bet on a Titans bounce back, I say they hang in this one. The Seahawks won’t bully the Titans like Cardinals did up front. Titans +6.5.

6.49ers (-3) @ Philly- I am selling, to a degree, what we saw with Philadelphia last week. This goes back to what we thought going into the season…we thought Philly might be one of the worst teams in the league and the 49ers are legitimate Super Bowl contenders. Both played great last week but let’s look @ their halftime scores as an indication of what these teams really are. The Eagles were up 15-6 on the Falcons and the 49ers had their game well in hand – 31-10. SF won’t make the same mistake this week. I’m backing the Niners -3. Lock it up!

7.Auburn (+5) @ Penn State- Great game to round out your Saturday night. War Eagle looking to take down #22 vs #10. And I like Auburn here. Big 10 teams usually don’t fair too well against decent SEC teams. And how about this- Auburn’s a perfect 7-0 Against The Spread (ATS) in their last seven September games. Penn State is @ home, it’s a white out game, at night – the atmosphere is going to be tremendous but Auburn likely hangs in this one with Bo Nix and one of the best backs in the nation in Tank Bigsby. Auburn +5 – lock!

Seattle Seahawks v Indianapolis Colts

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