The NFL Considered Mandatory Vaccinations

The NFL is reporting that 93% of their players are currently vaccinated against COVID-19. That's huge. 93% have full vaccination a rate that is higher than most communities. But apparently the league was initially pushing for mandatory vaccination for league personnel and the NFLPA wouldn't agree to it.

Moving forward in their aggressive stance against COVID, the league has is also requesting of the player's union that vaccinated players be tested every week. Currently vaccinated players are tested every 14 days and unvaccinated players are tested daily. JC Tretter, player's union president and center for the Cleveland Browns said it was the NFL that decided to not make vaccination mandatory, but the league says that's not true.

Deputy general counsel for the NFL, Larry Ferazani said, "We’ve been discussing mandatory vaccination from the start. In fact, we took the lead and required staff and coaches to be vaccinated in order to have access to a player. Ferazani claims the NFL and NFLPA experts all agree that their best chance at safety is 100% vaccination. "That was our request from that, and we would still love to see that mandate go into effect tomorrow," he said.

NFL refs and officials also do not have a vaccine mandate.

The league reported 68 positives cases out of 7,190 tested individuals between Aug. 1-21. The 0.95% incidence rate is lower than in most communities.

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