Building the Alliance SuperConference

It was made official yesterday. Well as official as an agreement with no contract between competing interests could possibly be. The BIGTEN, Pac-12 and ACC formed "The Alliance" yesterday, which was "unanimously supported by the presidents, chancellors and athletics directors at all 41 institutions."

The biggest surprise to us all, this wasn't just a football thing. They decided to include men's and women's basketball, as well as "Olympic Sports" programs. (yea, we'll believe that when we see it). But the addition on basketball is HUGE and changes the landscape of what we thought we knew, when this idea was first rumored.

The press release from the Alliance commissioners stated, "The alliance will feature additional attractive matchups across the three conferences while continuing to honor historic rivalries and the best traditions of college football." They also said, "In women’s and men’s basketball, the three conferences will add early and mid-season games as well as annual events that feature premier matchups between the three leagues."

Early and mid-season basketball games between these conference is exciting.

Ironically enough, the commissioners admitted the SEC taking Oklahoma and Texas made them take a step forward to look at what's in the next one, five, ten or fifteen years.

Who makes it into this new Alliance SuperConference? We assume the superconference will have 16 teams. So we allowed 5 teams from each conference, then added Notre Dame as the 16th team in. You'll be very surprised at who gets left out.



Pac 12-

  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • USC
  • Utah
  • UCLA

Big Time Teams Left Out- Stanford / Arizona


  • Ohio State
  • Michigan
  • Penn State
  • Wisconsin
  • Iowa

Big Time Teams Left Out- Northwestern / Michigan State


  • Clemson
  • North Carolina
  • Miami
  • FSU
  • Virginia

Big Time Teams Left Out- Duke / Louisville / Georgia Tech

Yes, DUKE gets left out. Tell us who you'd keep or drop if you had to build the superconference.

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