Sha'Carri Richardson Claps Back at Critiques

So many people had high high hopes for Sha'Carri Richardson (no pun intended). There was a great expectation that after missing the Olympics on what many considered a overblown technicality. Her opportunity for redemption came this past weekend when she was scheduled to run the 100M and the 200M at the Prefontaine Classic in Eugene Oregon. Hundreds of thousands tuned in for the race. A race many wouldn't have known was even happening, had Richardson not been running in it. American was ready to back their young track star.

It did not go well. Sha'Carri came in last.

Dead last.

But what was more surprising to most was her post race interview.

And thus twitter exploded. Taking shots at the runner for her bombastic over-confident demeanor after losing the race. Well Sha'Carri blasted back at her criticizers. In one tweet in particular.

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