Yea We Overhyped Summer League Ball

You deserve an apology. A real one.

So, on behalf of us all. We're sorry.

We hyped up these summer league games and they have been atrocious to watch. Yea, it's been cool to see how Jalen Suggs will look in his first stint with NBA level play. But then we forgot, this isn't NBA level play.

These games have to be the sloppiest, most unbalanced, games in all of pro basketball. But the games are bad on all ends. Not only was the play on the court really really bad. Even the commentary was awful. Going 8-12 minute stretches without even speaking on what was happening on the floor.

Or maybe that was their way of sparing from having to not only witness, but listen to the terrible play we've had to endure.

The truth of it all is, for the Magic, our individual players show promise. Jalen Suggs, Franz Wagner, Cole Anthony have all showed some decent flashes of greatness. But across the board, no matter the team, these have been some really hard to watch games.

We're sorry everyone.

A couple more days to go, and we'll be sure to overhype it all over again next year.

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