Time to Flip Flop on the Bucks

Last week the word around the NBA was that the Bucks were done. The Nets had taken the first to games in the round 2 of the playoffs and had simply beat up on Milwaukee and most everyone in sports had folded on Giannis and the Bucks. It was UGLY and we only expected it to get more ugly as the round went on. Some even predicted a sweep.

Then the Bucks won game 3 by 3pts and everyone said... "If that's the best they have, they might as well roll over."

Then last night happened. And the Bucks won again. And now the series it tied 2-2.

A series that is now guaranteed to go at least 6 games.

It sounds like it's time to start flip-flopping on the Bucks. You can see it all over the interwebs today. People have fallen back in love with the Bucks and are ready for them to dethrone the evil empire of the Brooklyn Nets. Nobody believed in them last week, and now they're all back on the bandwagon.

Well not so fast. The Bucks have had the benefit of play a redacted version of the Nets. If Brooklyn are at anywhere near full strength for the rest of the series, the Bucks will still be punching a ticket to Cancun for the summer.

But that's if...

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