The Bucks Can't Save the NBA

The world watch the Nets take a 2-0 lead in the Eastern Conference Semifinals and was waiting to see the Milwaukee Bucks take a big shot back in Game 3. And the Bucks won... by three points.

That's it. 3 points. In fact the Nets had an opportunity to tie the game late in the 4th quarter.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Bucks will not be saving the NBA from hostile takeover by the Brooklyn Nets superteam.

Many are fully convinced that the Bucks gave Brooklyn their very best shot. They came out like gangbusters and took a commanding 30-11 lead in the 1st quarter. And slowly and consistently got knocked in the mouth over and over for the rest of the game.

Most times, this wouldn't be seen as such a big deal. BUT... James Harden didn't play. James Harden have a very rough start. And Kyrie had a rough 4th quarter. And still the Bucks only won by 3 points.

I think it's time to admit, the Evil Empire will win it all. Nets will be in the Finals, and most likely the NBA Champs. Twitter tells us the rest of the world knows it.

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