Brandon Kravitz's 'NEED HELP' Hierarchy in the NBA

Face it, some players in this league just need help if they're going to accomplish the ultimate goal of playing for an NBA Championship. Even if they just want to play for one, or win another, or in some cases JUST GETTING OUT OF THE FIRST ROUND!

This is that list.

·5. Ja Morant- One of the fastest rising stars in the NBA. Imagine how much better the Grizz could be if they had 2 great stars. One of the most irrelevant franchises in the NBA for a long long time, all the sudden has one of the brightest futures.

·4. LeBron James- Yes, LeBron. Clock is ticking and I think AD just got hurt again clicking on this blog post.

·3. Jayson Tatum- He'd be higher on the list but the Celtics have at least tried to fill their roster with top end talent, its just not working out...yet.

·2. Luca Doncic- Sorry Staps, don't take this one personally.

·1. Damian Lillard- Don't believe me, JUST READ HIS IG ACCOUNT!

If the Bucks keep trailing by 50, Giannis will soon find himself on this list.

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Utah Jazz v Memphis Grizzlies - Game Four

photo: getty images

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