Fans Are Outraged... But Why?

CREDIT: Getty Images

Word around the twittersphere is that fans are SUPERRRRR upset about the Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul fight. But the questions that persists is... why? What could fans possibly be upset about? Did anyone think that was ever going to look like a real boxing match? In what universe did people believe they were going to see something wild, and monumental? Who actually thought they would see a knockout?

When has a Mayweather fight EVER ended in a knockout?

This fight was exactly what we expected it to be. Two guys dancing around the ring and collecting a LOT of money. With Floyd continuing to show why he's one of the best at making money.

But for some reason, fans were legitimately upset about what they saw.

We have to wonder what people were actually expecting out of this? Fans should've had higher hopes for Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.

At least those two guys were both boxers. This was a fight between a retired greatest boxer in the world, and a Youtube influencer trying to legitimise himself. This fight looked exactly how it sounded.

It's a nearly 10000000% guarantee there will be no refunds on this one.

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