We Expected More from the Lakers

We're all waiting for tonight's game. But unfortunately it's not because the Suns are proving they deserve the #2 seed. It's not because Phoenix has showed resilience and fortitude in taking on King James and Prince Anthony. The truth is, we are excited about tonight's game for one reason only.

We expected more from the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers have not played up to our expectations, and we're seeing what could be considered the end of the royal reign of Lebron James. If the Suns take game #5 from the Lakers and find a way to close out this series in game #6, Lebron's "bubble" championship can only be considered a fluke.

We'll be forced to view the Lakers in the same way we are forced to view the Miami Heat who were swept out of the first round of the playoffs. The Heat shared the floor with Lebron and the Lakers in last year's Finals, and although we thought they could make another run, it was not so. If the Lakers go down, both 2020 Finals teams will be out in the first round.

That's a big deal.

And if both teams aren't judged the same, we'll be able to see where people's bias really lies. For the record, people have already declared the Heat's Finals appearance to the a fluke.

The Lakers are going to have to prove they aren't like almost every other team Lebron has played on. (a couple really good players and the rest a lackluster cast) We'll have to sit back and watch. I'm hoping the Lakers give us the greatness we deserve to witness.

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