Kravitz Creates His Own NBA Super-Teams

To be quite frank, this upcoming free agency. Is going to be one of the more boring ones we've seen in the last few years so it's up to us to drum up interest even if it's not real. What I have below is a 'create our own NBA superteams' list. Duos and trios that I would genuinely like to see play together before their playing career is over…

Here are some of my favorites:

·LeBron & Curry- Legends in the game who spent years going head to head in the Finals.

·Jimmy Butler + Kawhi Leonard- Defensive specialists with laser like intensity.

·Damian Lillard + Joel Embiid- Every great big man needs a great PG and every great PG needs a dominant big man. Its a match made in heaven.

·Zion & Giannis- Imagine the paint points per game with this duo.

·Jokic > Doncic > Vucevic- I just want to see broadcasters struggle with this one game in and game out.

On a serious note: Here’s a note from the ‘New Yorker’ from an anonymous GM that spoke to a reporter:

“Player empowerment is a catchall for the fact that the league has done a terrible job of empowering teams,” a current N.B.A. general manager told me. “The players have all of the leverage in every situation. I think it’s the worst thing that ever happened to professional sports on all levels.”

Do you agree?

I blame the teams as much as I blame the players…but this guy is right…its about the set up of the nba, you are so easily locked out of the ability to do anything creative without the will of a player…

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers - Play-In Tournament

photo: getty images

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