Former Dolphins/Bucs QB Could Make History This Year

Ryan Fitzpatrick, or as he's affectionately known these days "Fitzmagic" - is getting another opportunity to start football games, this time in Washington, and he'll have the chance to do something that's never been done before! Not sure he'll be all that excited about it though...

Fitzpatrick has lost to 28 different teams as a starting quarterback, according toPro Football Reference. Of the four teams he hasn’t lost to, three are onWashington’s schedulethis season: The Packers, Saints and Buccaneers. If Fitzpatrick loses to those three teams, he’ll have lost to an all-time record 31 NFL teams. (The Lions are the one team Fitzpatrick hasn’t lost to and won’t play this season.)

Although no starting quarterback has lost to 31 or 32 different teams, seven have lost to 30: Drew Bledsoe, Drew Brees, Brett Favre, Matt Hasselbeck, Jon Kitna, Carson Palmer and Alex Smith. One quarterback, Kerry Collins, has lost to 29 teams. But all of those quarterbacks are retired, so they can’t reach 31 losses like Fitzpatrick.

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Way to go Ryan, I always knew you could do it. We'll be cheering for you, sort of.

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders

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