Fascinating What If Scenario For The Magic

Washington Wizards v Atlanta Hawks

With the Kings getting the second pick in the 2018 Draft, Orlando fell to sixth and selected.......Mo Bamba. How is that comparison with Donic and Young? In 2015, the Magic selected Mario Herzonja right after the Knicks took Kristaps Porzingis. In 2014, they selected Aaron Gordon right after the Sixers took Joel Embiid.

What if the Kings got slotted into the 6th spot in that 2018 Draft, what would have happened? The Suns still would have drafted Ayton. But that's where things would have gotten interesting. Would Atlanta have taken Marvin Bagley III? If they took Donic, would the Grizzlies have taken Trae Young and if they did, they likely would not have been in a position to draft Ja Morant in 2019. The Magic may have ended up not getting Young and might have had a choice of Marvin Bagley III or Jaren Jackson.

If you missed any of the segment, you can listen to it below:

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