Marc Daniels: Draft...Judge...Deli Meats

2021 NFL Draft

Welcome to the weekend and as you prepare to enjoy the rest of the draft, sit back and relax and read our Friday notes column (Lary King style)...

Trevor Lawrence in Jacksonville seems like a great fit...Tim Tebow apparently got a tryout with the Jags as a tight end. I have always said good for Tebow that he continues to live out a dream and play sports as long as he can. I personally have no problem with him asking for and getting a tryout despite not playing a game in almost a decade. But he won't be one of the best 53 players when the Jags get down to a roster. If he is, the Jags have big big problems...After Buffalo drafted Miami defensive end Gregory Rousseau towards the end of the 1st round, his agent Drew Rosenhaus was by his side as he walked towards the stage in Cleveland to be greeted by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Rosenhaus can be seen pointing forward, explaining to Rousseau where to walk. I think the long walkway to the stage kind of makes it clear where Rousseau needed to go...Chips and guac, can;t go wrong...Aaron Rodgers apparently wants out of Green Bay. I have no idea how that happens. But maybe at the age of 38, he just wants to pull a Brady and go somewhere else. The difference is Brady was a free agent. Rodgers is under contract. Maybe Rodgers just wants a new deal after watching other quarterbacks not as good as him get huge deals. I don't know exactly what Rodgers wants but I think he is serious about getting the job as host for Jeopardy. But does he really want to walk from playing in the NFL? Me think not...I spilled hot coffee on myself earlier this week. I will be fine. The situation called for me to use ointment to treat the burn. Ointment remains one of those words you just never get comfortable saying...Let me get this straight, the Eagles screwed the Giants by pulling a second half tank job on the final Sunday of the season that allowed Washington to win the division and make the playoffs. Now, the Cowboys make a trade with the Eagles to allow Philadelphia to take DeVonta Smith instead of the Giants. The NFC East, where sports hatred exists...Golden State coach Steve Kerr is complaining about the lack of fundamentals in today's players. Funny how his comments came after his team got outrebounded 57-34 to the lowly Minnesota Timberwolves. The loss dropped the Warriors to 31-32. Funny how Kerr still has two hall of famers playing in Steph Curry and Draymond Green but are fighting for a playoff spot. Is it all because Klay Thompson is out?...Yankees' slugger Aaron Judge needed a second day off? Manager Aaron Boone said Judge would not play in New York's Wednesday night game at Baltimore for "in-season maintenance"(I have no idea what that is). Then Judge was out of the lineup for Thursday afternoon's game. He did pinch-hit. But it's 25 games into the season and Judge needed two days off?...I used to love pinball in the arcade years ago...Why does every NFL team have their entire "war room" high-fiving and hugging after their pick? Just once I want to see someone throw a computer because they hated their pick...Essential Quality should win the Kentucky Derby. Keep an eye on Hard Rod Charlie and Highly Motivated to be in the mix as well...I was once again ordering deli meat by the slice and not by weight when another customer asked me why I did that. Which, of course, I asked why they order by weight and he answered: "that's what you are supposed to do". Which I responded by asking if there are ordering rules. He said it was just common knowledge. I say live on the edge and order your deli meat by the slice. Rock on...

Final thought: Last night three quarterbacks went 1-2-3 in the draft. Fifty years ago in the 1971 NFL Draft the same thing happened. Jim Plunkett, Archie Manning and Dan Pastorini were the top three players taken.

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