The Magic Won!! Since Nobody Else Has Mentioned It...

We know it's NFL Draft Day.

And we know that winning isn't exactly what Magic fans want to see. But we've got to be excited to see these boys take home a win. Fans, want to see a tank. But it's got to be hard to go day after day with loss after loss. That's what led to Froneir and Gordon wanting to be traded. And truth be told, Vuc probably wanted out as well, he was just too classy of a guy to say anything.

So when the Magic bring home a win, it's got to still be celebrated. Sure it was against the Cavs, but a wise man once said, win the games you're supposed to win. And that was a game we were supposed to win.

Another strong showing by Chuma, Cole Anthony, and Dwyane Bacon, and the Magic are exactly where they are supposed to be.

Good job fellas!

We will celebrate these wins!

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