Kravitz Blog: NFL Draft Will Create More Drama Than Expected

So it’s 20 days until the NFL Draftand I woke up today feeling a little depressed.

A little depressed in the thought that we kind of already know who the top 6 picks will be. I mean, what’s the point of the chatter, the debate, the thought put behind mock drafts and big boards if we already know the top 1/3rd of the draft?!

1.Lawrence, 2. Wilson, 3. Jones, 4. Someone trades up for Fields, 5. Penei Sewell, 6. Ja’Mar Chase or Kyle Pitts the big mystery…

But truthfully…as I sat back and pondered this inevitability…I realized…its not quite as obvious as we’re making it out to be.

1, 2, and 3 sure. If you believe Jones is going to the 49ers…and I’m still bullish on that being the wrong move and flatout bad idea. But…if that’s what you believe. You can create plenty of mysteries after that. Falcons likely moving out of that spot- but who moves up? Is it the Broncos @ 9, the Lions @ 7, Pats @ 15? Maybe a surprise team like Washington @ 19 or Chicago @ 20.

Then you get to the Bengals. And this is where my mind has really shifted…originally I felt it would be criminal for the bengals not to draft Sewell…but the truth is, their o-line is so bad, they aren’t fixing it with one guy. An argument could be made that drafting an elite WR would buy Burrow just as much time as a solid LT.

6. We still don’t know who the Phins prefer between Chase, Pitts, and the Bama guys.

Let’s also not rule out…there could be 5 QB’s that get drafted in the top 5.

Back to the Jones thing…allow me to explain a simple theory I have in life: Never compare an unknown to the best possible outcome.

Meaning: You can’t look at a slice of pizza and go: That looks like the best pizza I’ve ever had, so it’s probably going to taste like the best pizza I’ve ever had.

Similarly, you can’t look at mac jones and say ‘he plays like brady’ and assume he’s going to be brady. 9x out of 10 you’ll be wrong.

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