Marc Daniels Notes: Pro Days, A Beardless Harden And A Beard

Central Florida v South Florida

How did we ever survive before we had Pro Days?...Baseball is looking into ways to add more action and cutdown on strikeouts and home runs. Theo Epstein has been handed the job from the commissioner. I miss Vince Coleman stealing third and Ricky Henderson stretching a double into a triple...I love soft serve ice cream with sprinkles but haven't had it in years...Andre Drummond with the Lakers and Blake Griffin with the Nets doesn't seem fair but life ain't fair either...Like or dislike Stephen A. Smith, he gave an opinion on Russell Westbrook and the player didn't like it. Welcome to today's media...Chris Paul is still so good...I don't know about you, but instant potatoes are just as good as mashed and easier to make...A 17-game season in the NFL seems off-balance and 18 games seems inevitable. I know more games means more chances for players to get hurt but more Sundays with football is good for the fans...They say when a horse wins a race the horse knows something good happened. If true, how does the last place horse feel?...Jacob Harris, the 6-5 UCF wide receiver, had a great Pro Day. He ran a 4.39 40-yard dash and impressed NFL scouts catching the ball. The former soccer player has become a player who will get drafted. Harris is attractive to teams because he played special teams at UCF and then became a red zone threat for the Knights and made some big deep ball catches as well...The Masters is this week. If I was a champion and could pick my meal for dinner with former winners, I'd go steak and lobster with mac-n-cheese and asparagus. For dessert? Cheesecake. What's not to like?...What if one day James Harden shows up with a shaved face? Would anyone recognize him...I've tried to figure out Top Shot. I know the NBA is part of this thing. But I am still not sure what someone owns when they buy something. If I can get the same highlight of LeBron dunk on YouTube, why would I care if you claim you own that highlight? And right now no one can cash out when they sell their highlights? Sounds fishy to me...Howard Schnellenberger wore a coat and tie on the sidelines. I like that...Roy Williams retired and I think he chose to step down rather than have a down season next year and have fans call for his head. I think today's high school players have a hard time connecting with coaches in their 70s. Maybe Roy saw this and decided to retire now...Texas just reminded Texas Tech where they rank in the Lone Star state. Chris Beard is one of the better college basketball coaches in the country and he just left Lubbock for Austin to replace Shaka Smart. Texas Tech AD Kirby Hocutt says they never got a chance to make a financial offer to Beard. The former graduate assistant at Texas worked under Bob Knight at Tech. But Beard reminded anyone who thinks Texas is not king of the state with his decision to leave one conference school for the bigger conference school...I haven't had Cracker Jacks in a long time...No matter how many times I watch an episode of "The Office" I come away thinking Michael Scott was one heck of a boss...

Final thought: Barack Obama has 130.1M followers on Twitter. Justin Bieber(114.2M) and Katy Perry(109.5M) are second and third.

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