We'll Now Learn What Magic Management is Made Of

I have argued with Jim Colbert about the history and present of the Orlando Magic so many times, I think I have finally beat him into submission. Today on our simulcast segment, I explained my belief on why the Magic are in a better place today, even if the perception is that we are repeating a tiresome past.

My general point. Hammond/Weltman took over a squad and provided maintenance for their first few years, they hadn't really made a big/monumental move since taking over. Not until now, now they get to show us what they're made of, now they get to show us if they can build a team here in Orlando. For the first time, this management team will have a lot of money, young talent, and draft picks to evaluate. Clock is now ticking...

Catch my rant in the tweet added below and the full segment available below this text as well!

Orlando Magic v Los Angeles Lakers

photo: getty images

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