STEFAN: Let's Wish Aaron Gordon All the Best

After hearing Aaron Gordon wanted to be traded out of Orlando I was initially irate. But, now as I'm making my way through my five stages of grief, I think it's time to accept what is and wish Aaron Gordon all the best. I'm serious. I have taken a moment to think about this, and after dealing with my denial, then anger, then bargaining, then depression (didn't sit there very long), I've now moved to acceptance.

And let's be honest, as much as we'll say AG hasn't been what we all thought he could be or hoped he would be... he WAS the bright spot of a horrible Magic team the last few years. Year after year after year the Magic have been horrible. We've had little blips of possibility, but never matured to being a real competitor in the east, let alone a contender.

And through all that time, who did we have to help keep us interested in this dismal team? It was Aaron Gordon.

Whether it was because he kept us trauma bonded by being ROBBED of multiple Slam Dunk championships... Or whether it was because we kept looking to him to be the person to take us over the edge... We would all be liars if we didn't admit that, over the past 5-6 years, it was Aaron Gordon that kept us interested in Magic basketball.

For that we owe AG a thank you.

Yea we could give him hell for never actually putting us over the edge, but some of that wasn't his fault. We've watched him be restricted by some of the coaching staffs that have run through these doors. We've seen him burst with greatness only to not have the support necessary to truly take off.

If Nik Vucevic is the Orlando Magic's version of Tim Duncan (AND HE IS FOR SURE). Then Aaron Gordon was certainly our version of Kevin Love, with the flash and excitement of.. hell Aaron Gordon. When AG was on his game, watching him play was a PURE DELIGHT!

So instead of continuing to dog AG for wanting exactly what we would all want if we worked at a company that continually landed contracts and then screwed the deliverables, it's time to thank him and wish him all the best.

I hope AG gets the trade he's looking for and becomes the player he believes he is within his heart. It's the player we've all been waiting to see come out of him, because we believe he is that too.

So we say goodbye to you sir (maybe, you haven't been traded yet). You've still got the greatest dunk in slam dunk competition history!

We wish you well AG. Thanks for keeping us #MagicTogether!

Just don't go to L.A.

If you go to L.A., I take back every single word!

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