The Magic Will Make No Trades at the Deadline

We're just over two weeks away from the NBA trade deadline and all has been pretty quiet so far. The rumors are swirling wildly and just about every team in the NBA has somebody from the Magic they would like to add to their team. But chances are the Magic won't be making any trades... and they shouldn't.

You've seen the reports. Just about every player from the Magic has been listed in some potential trade scenario. Evan Fournier is supposed to be going to the Mavericks, wait no the Bucks, no no sorry... it's the Hornets. And then Terrance Ross is supposed to be going the Nuggets. Aaron Gordon is going to the Rockets, Wizards, Heat, and T-Wolves. And Nik Vucevic is going EVERYWHERE.

But if the Magic want any fans to believe they are competent in the front office they won't be taking any of those offers. The Magic execs KNOW what they have with this team, and they know where this team can go. None of the trade offers or rumors out there have offered the Magic nearly enough to even be taken seriously.

Jeff Weltman and John Hammond have taken care to put together a team, they believe has a legitimate chance at a five seed in the playoffs in the east. And they're right. That's exactly who this team is, when healthy. But the team isn't healthy. In the absence of major free agent stars wanting to come to Orlando, they have taken the "put the right pieces together" strategy, and honestly it's working.

We can't judge an olympic runner on his performance when his ankle is broken. But that's exactly what people are doing with Weltman and Hammond when they act as if they need to take any deal thrown at them. The team isn't healthy. And it's enough of us demanding they do something in the "off chance" we might win two games in the playoffs this year, instead of one.

Maybe, just maybe, this is one of those times where the people who know how to do the job the best, are the ones doing the job.

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