STEFAN: Why Kaepernick to the Seahawks

Once again, we are doing the thing we do. When there is an opening in the NFL at QB and it's a high profile opening we start hearing the name COlin Kaepernick. Recently the internet and social media is all buzzed talking about the potential of the Seahawks calling in Colin Kaepernick to replace a disgruntled Russell Wilson, who no longer wants to play in the pacific northwest.

Let's be clear. The chances of the Seahawks bringing in Kaepernick and zero and none. Okay, I take that back there is a 3% chance it may happen. But with all the active quarterbacks available in the NFL, the ONLY reason the Seahawks would make this move, would be to make a statement and maybe save some money. They can bring Kaep in, save money, and get some press. This would be making a big statement. The problem is there is no evidence this statement would make them a better team.

It could make them decent. It could make them bearable. But it's not going to put them in the Super Bowl hunt. And the way the NFL is set up right now, if you're not on a road that looks like it could progress towards a division win, conference championship, or Super Bowl title, you're tanking to get yourself there. Adding Kaepernick the Seahawks does not get them any of the three titles mentioned above.

And on top of that, they run the risk of alienating a portion of the their fanbase. While if there are any fans that could take in a Kaepernick signing, it's probably Seattle. It's still not a good move. Seattle doesn't need a "stop gap" move.

Seattle either needs to be as good or better than they were with Wilson, or they need to get in the draft picks game. Kaepernick doesn't help them do either.

It's about time we move on from the Kaepernick conversation. There was a window where he could come back into the league and make a difference on a team, maybe even lead them to the playoffs. But by now, he's been out the league so long, I can't picture him making anyone better as a starter. A good backup, YES! But as a starter, he's not making to many teams better.

Unless they really stink.

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