Bears Players Have Started Recruiting Russell Wilson

In what could be seen as a measure of disrespect to their current QB, Bears players have actively and openly started recruiting Russell Wilson. When the announcement came out that Russell Wilson had the Chicago Bears on his list of teams he wanted to be traded to, Bears players jumped into action. All over twitter, they started recruiting Russell Wilson.

And they were not subtle about it at all.

Wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, not only reached out to Wilson, but also changed his profile picture in an attempt to woo the Pro Bowl QB.

Bears running back Tarik Cohen wanted to make his heart known as well...

But Cohen wasn't going to out all his eggs in one basket, so he made sure to shout out to Deshaun Watson as well.

After these recruiting attempts, it will be interesting to see what the locker room and the huddle looks like if Trubisky remains the Bears QB next season.

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