WATCH: J.J. Redick is Ejected for No Reason at All

J.J. Redick was ejected from a basketball game, for giving the referee the ball back. Yes, you heard that right. He was tossed out of a game in the National Basketball Association, for giving the ball back to the ref.

New Orleans was taking on the Celtics and had gotten themselves back into the game after being down 24 points. In the 4th quarter the Celtic's Aaron Nesmith was called for a foul on defending Redick. REdick had just gotten a technical about a half minute prior to this call and obviously the ref was still upset about it.

As Redick passed the ball back to the ref, he was awarded his second technical and his night was over. Redick returned the ball by putting some side spin on the bouncing pass, which forced referee Josh Tiven to block the ball with his foot. For some reason, that was enough for a 2nd tech in his mind, which resulted in Redick’s ejection.

Take a look at the play below and you be the judge.

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