Is This Swoon a "Best Case Scenario" for the Magic?

So, the Magic fell short again last night in Portland 106-97. They’ve now won just 3 of their last 17 games. Cole Anthony left at the end of the 1st half with a shoulder injury. He is officially listed as questionable for Thursday's game against GS. But we need to be clear about is going on here.

The Magic can’t stay healthy, they can’t consistently field a competitive roster, and other teams are just outpacing them. Even in a game where Vooch has a mismatch advantage and plays 40+ min, they can’t pick up a win. The Magic now have the 4th worst record in the NBA and it’s not looking like things are getting better…

And this is a good thing. This team has become complacent, they find themselves in this spot where they were good enough to be competitive, but not good enough to compete at a championship level, you don’t want to go backwards by making crazy moves, and you can’t surge forward with a splashy signing because you’re already paying everyone.

So, with that said, maybe a great top 3 draft pick is the answer for the Magic if they want to quickly become the winning franchise we all want them to be.

Is this swoon a best case scenario for the Magic? Think about it. Take a look at the top 5 prospects in the 2021 draft.

1.Cade Cunningham PG- OK State

2.Evan Mobley C- USC

3.Jalen Suggs PG- Gonzaga

4.Jalen Green SG- G-League

5.Jonathan Kuminga SF- G-League

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Los Angeles Clippers v Orlando Magic

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