Steph Curry Checks Twitter at Halftime for Motivation

We all have bad days. Sometimes we missed on a client we were trying to land. We don't perform at our best on the job one day. We didn't get the recipe just right. And for every person who's had a bad day, there is usually the search for a little motivation as a "pick me up" to take us around the corner. NBA All-Star Steph Curry is not immune to that.

Even Curry needs a little motivation whenever he's having a bad game. So he just pulls up twitter and reads the mentions with his name attached.

Andrew Bogut let the cat out of the bag stating that Curry checks his twitter mentions at halftime when he's having a bad game. He'd look for the haters and use their hateration to fire himself up.

"He’ll check his mentions at halftime, when he has a bad half. It’s the craziest s*** I ever saw. Yeah, Steph, if he had a bad half, he would go on social media and then come out and drop 30.”

Apparently Curry has mastered the art of using his twitter haters to fuel his dominance. Maybe we should had some Magic player's their phones at halftime of every game.

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