Michael Thomas Calls Out Drew Brees on Twitter

Michael Thomas was throwing a little shade the way of Drew Brees during the NFC Championships game. It's not weird for players to tweet during the playoffs when they aren't in the game. But rarely do we see teammates lashing out at each other. But during the NFC Championship game Michael Thomas took to the twitterverse to release some pent up frustration against his Pro Bowl quarterback.

During the NFC Championship game between Tampa and Green Bay, Thomas dropped what appeared to be a shot at his QB Drew Brees when he tweeted...

"If a DB know the QB can’t throw deep they going to play aggressive underneath with safety help over the top." — Michael Thomas (@Cantguardmike)January 24, 2021

We know who he's talking about. Drew Brees, who has been criticized all season for his inability to hit the deep ball for his wide outs.

THEN, in what seems to be a prophecy about his future with the Saints, Thomas tweeted a GIF of the Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill with the caption, "help is on the way”.

It's obvious Thomas is frustrated, but is it possible we could see him sporting some red and gold next year? We'll have to wait and see.

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